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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

White Chocolate Raspberry Jam

Even though it's October, I'm canning away the last of the summer berries. We've still got raspberries coming in from a local farm and I wanted to do something a little different than the standard raspberry jam recipe. When I spice up a jam it usually includes some interesting addition or flavoring and some sort of liqueur or liquor. Most of the alcohol gets burned off and you are left with a very complex flavor profile.

This recipe makes ordinary raspberry jam seem, well, ordinary. Since I've started tinkering around with jam recipes, I really have a hard time going back to the basics. This recipe can also be used as a dessert topping as well if you lower the amount of pectin and keep it a little more liquid.


5 cups raspberries, crushed (use a potato masher or other implement to crush the berries)
6 cups sugar
1 pack pectin
1 cup white chocolate chips (spring for the Guittard or other gourmet chocolate if it's available in your area)
1/4 cup coffee liqueur (Starbucks or Kahlua)


Heat raspberries while slowly adding in the pectin. Once the raspberries are at a full boil that you cannot stir down, add in the sugar. Return to a full rolling boil, stirring for one minute. Take the raspberry mixture off the heat and add in the white chocolate. It will take awhile to melt, so be patient (unless you want chunks of white chocolate in your jam).

After the white chocolate has melted, add the coffee liqueur and stir until well blended. Because the raspberry jam is quite hot, the alcohol will burn off, so if you want to have more of the alcohol flavor, add it in at the very end. Pour jam into sterilized canning jars and process in a hot water bath for 10 minutes. That is, assuming you haven't eaten half of it already.

Yields 10 pints.


ataha said...

Made this jam yesterday and it tastes awesome. Following your lead, I also started looking for different ways to flavor my jam recipes and I also made blackberry dark chocolate jam, which is also awesome. I ran out of Kahlua so I used creme de cacao on the blackberry dark chocolate jam.

I was also wondering why this raspberry jam recipe doesn't need lemon juice and rind like the strawberry jam recipes.

Tamara said...

Hope you don't mind, I posted this recipe on my blog with a link to yours. I can't wait to try this one out!

Kalamitykelli said...

This is a great idea! So, the chocolate didn't break in the jam? I cannot wait to try it. I have both. I wonder if I could make grape jelly with peanut butter chips?