Creating seasonal recipes that are inspired by my passion for local, organic foods

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Welcome to my Food Blog!

If you're wondering how this blog came into being, it is a spin-off (of sorts) from my environmental blog, Crunchy Chicken. One of the many focuses (foci?) on this other blog is related to eating in a more environmentally friendly way.

It should come as no surprise that eating organically is better for the environment and those of you who read my regular blog have probably already seen my posts regarding eating locally and its affects on oil consumption and other resource usage.

So this blog will be comprised of recipes that focus on seasonally inspired, local and organic foods. The recipes will be categorized by season (sorry southern hemisphere folks, you have to do the "translation") so that if you are looking for a crop in season, you can easily search for a recipe by season in addition to ingredient or recipe type.

I hope you enjoy it and comments are most definitely welcome! Also, if you try out the recipes, feel free to update the posting with any modifications you made that you liked.


Anonymous said...

Hey Crunchy Chicken
You rock! I love your blog

Check out for holistic health and nutrition information. White chicken and white sugar are detrimental to your health.

Have you tried joining a CSA?

ABC in Texas said...

Your peach preserve recipes read wonderfully. But can you help me with a method by which to preserve the natural crunch of the fruit? My husband swears his mama could achieve that, but she's now out of reach and stirring up good stuff for the Heavenly Host.